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Helping flutists get their mojo back!

I take you from where you are and I give you the tools to regain confidence in your playing.


Do you ever feel like you're the weakest link of your flute section in your band class or feel like you have a hard time getting your band director to notice you? Do you have trouble learning a piece because you're not sure how it's supposed to go?

  • You work really hard yet you are constantly being overlooked/underestimated by your band director.

  • You feel that you can't do your favorite piece justice because you don't have the resources to play the piece accurately.

  • You struggle with Rhythm and you're the one getting blamed for your flute section's mistakes

  • You admire your section leader and you wonder "How did they get there and what can I do to get better?"

  • You play with tension because you want to be able to play the piece perfectly and feel confident about yourself and your playing.

  • The thought of performing in front of a bunch of people scares you.

  • You have failed a number of auditions and have been placed lower than your peers.

  •  You listen to recordings of your favorite flutists playing the Ibert  Concerto and you think " Wow, I wish I can be that good!"


If you resonate with any of these things, then you have come to the right place!



Is there anything more discouraging than to see your child, an eager, young flute student in tears and thinking about quitting because they're not sure how to get better and how to place higher in auditions?

You're the supportive parent of a young, bright, flute student and you are at your wit's end trying to convince your child to keep going because this is something that makes them happy. You show up to all of your child's concerts and you're the biggest cheerleader of all the parents, you take them to live concerts of their favorite professional musicians, and you have them play for you so that they can let go of their nerves.

It seems like no matter what you do, you're not sure what are the next steps to help them and you want to do more. Do you feel like you need someone who just gets it and to help you walk through it?

I know this because that student was me.

That's where I come in.

Why are lessons so important?

Lessons are important because they are the building blocks of a student's music education. Whether you're in middle school just starting out or you're an adult wanting to pick up the flute again, I will take you from where you are and help you get better.

Which of these sounds like you?

"I need help with improving my flute playing"

"I want to know more about the other aspects of flute playing"


"This is all fine and dandy but who are you and how did you get to where you are today?"


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