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Hey guys, I'm Kiara!

So I have something that I want to ask...

  • Are you a flute student wanting to feel more confident about your playing?

  • I was like that too.

  • Are you a parent of a bright, young flute student who has no background in music but wants to do everything to help your child get to the next level?

  • My parents were that way too.

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You're probably wondering "What do you know about my struggles?"

Guess what? You're not alone because I was just like you!

That's where I come in.

My name is Kiara Eijo and I work with flutists who need help regaining their self-confidence in themselves as people and musicians.

I remind them that no matter what they decide, (whether it's playing in your school's orchestra or preparing for a competition or just playing for fun) that I will be there to support them and I give them the tools to play with confidence.

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Wait, Tell me more!!! You might want to sit down because it's a long story...


To give you the short version of my story:

Growing up, there was always music playing in my house and we listened to all kinds of music (from Classical to Salsa to Rock music to Classic Disney.). So, I started playing the flute when I was in 6th grade (11 almost 12 years old) but it wasn't easy.


I started out as the worst flutist in my beginning band, and it was mostly because I didn't have my own flute for the first three months and I ended up borrowing a flute from the school that was not in good condition.  I ended up getting my first flute on my 12th birthday and I improved drastically.   


In high school, I started out being at the bottom of the pack of my flute section but I worked my way up and I did that with barely having any private lessons.


Throughout high school and the beginning of my undergrad, I struggled with being an underdog and this was because I was told by certain people that I was not "cut out" to be a musician.

Fast forward to 2016, I graduated with my Bachelors degree in flute performance from the University of Florida through the college division of New World School of the Arts where I studied with Suzan Degooyer and Rene Miska.


When I first started undergrad, I had my mind set on becoming a band director but that changed when I went to see a New World Symphony dress rehearsal and it was there where I realized that I wouldn't be happy just teaching; I also loved performing (and still do).


After graduating, I decided to take a gap year to better prepare for grad school auditions but that gap year turned into a two year sabbatical and I was MISERABLE because I struggled to find work to help pay for my grad school auditions.


After two rounds of grad school auditions, I was accepted to Austin Peay State University where I studied with Dr. Lisa Wolynec. My sister Karina who is also a professional flutist and I moved to a new state (complete culture shock) but it was fun.


It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.

Today, nearly two years after graduating (In the middle of a pandemic. Crazy right?), I am building a studio for students who struggle with being an underdog and want to rise to the occasion.

Click           if you want to know more about my story. I'm looking forward to sharing my tips and tricks on all things flute-related with you!

Interested in taking flute lessons?

Random Facts!


I have a twin sister named Karina and she is also a professional flutist

This is all great, but What are your credentials?

Here's my formal musician bio:


Kiara Eijo is a passionate flutist,educator, and collaborator who believes in helping students get better. Kiara received a Bachelor of Music degree in Flute Performance from New World School of the Arts/University of Florida Cum Laude in 2016 where she performed in a variety of chamber music groups and was a flutist/piccoloist in the NWSA Symphony Orchestra.

Kiara graduated in May 2020 with a Master of Music degree in Flute Performance from Austin Peay State University where she held a graduate assistantship as the graduate coordinator of the APSU Outreach Student Ambassador team. During her time at APSU, Kiara performed in the APSU Wind Ensemble, the APSU Symphony Orchestra, the APSU Symphonic Band and performed in chamber music settings.

She has performed at the Mid-South Flute Society Festival and has performed in Masterclasses with Bart Feller, William Bennett, Dr. Lisa Wolynec, Lorna McGhee, and Brook Ferguson.

As a soloist, Kiara has performed Concerto in C Major, RV443  with the NWSA College Chamber Orchestra for their inaugural concert under the direction of Alfred Gershfeld.

As an educator, Kiara is passionate about helping students regain confidence in themselves as musicians. She has been a Flute instructor/Sectional Coach at Northeast High School and Southwood Middle School and she was a masterclass clinician for the Coe College Flute Studio. In addition, she was hired as a Teaching Artist with Miami Music Project in Fall 2022 and completed the 2023 Teaching Artists Training Institute (TATI) Lab Cohort.

Kiara's past teachers include Suzan Degooyer, Rene Miska, and Dr. Lisa Wolynec.

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