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Hello flute students and parents!

Do you get nervous about performing in any setting?

How about taking your playing to the next level?

Do you want to be a part of a tight-knit flute family?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you have come to the right place!!!

If it's your goal to become a better musician, play in honor festivals, play in honor band festivals, to eventually study music in college or you're an adult just wanting to pick up the flute, then I can help you.

I'm accepting students of all ages.

Each student has their own way of learning; I take them from wherever they are playing wise and I help them achieve their goals.


By taking lessons, you will:

  • Learn about the flute

  • Develop teamwork skills

  • Develop confidence in your abilities

  • Develop a lifelong love for music

  •  Develop good Stage Prese​nce (Performing doesn't have to be so scary)

  • Learn how to manage Performance Anxiety (I've been there, done that, and got the t-shirt and I'm going to show you how to CONQUER those nerves)

  • Learn Music Theory (You have to understand what you're playing and I get it, it can be confusing but I'll help you understand it)

  • Learn History (you have to know where you've been, in order to get to where you want to go)

  • Learn about Life (Did you know that music can teach you life skills?)


Why should I take lessons with Kiara?

  • When a student walks into my studio, I make them feel welcome and I help them with whatever he/she needs. This means that the student and the parents know that I am on their side and the student will receive guidance about music-making from me.

  • Parents will be kept up to date with their child's progress because I will provide a weekly progress report and I will suggest ways on how to help their child learn everything that I am teaching them.

  • I am not just a teacher because I also balance a performance career. I feel that it is my job to stay active with my playing so that I can better help my students. I go to flute conventions annually to help with my professional development where I go see master teachers and performers.

  • I hold both a Bachelor of Music and a Master of Music in Flute Performance. I also make it a point to share my travels, what I have learned, and my musical journey with my students.

  •  I am constantly working to improve my own playing so that I can pass on new things that I have discovered to my students.

My Teaching Philosophy

 I believe that everyone should feel supported in their endeavors. Without the support of a teacher/mentor, how can someone reach their full potential?

I teach music because I feel that it is important to find what each student is good at and help them achieve their goals.

Throughout my whole life (not just in music), I was always seen as an underdog and in my freshman year of high school (and later, my early undergrad years), I was told many times that I was not "cut out" to be a musician. Thankfully, I had a handful of teachers (not just flute teachers) who took me from where I was  at the time and helped get me to a higher level.

Today, I help my students develop their playing so that they can have confidence in their abilities.

Students work at a steady pace so they can achieve drastic results in a short time. By working with each student, I give them the tools to practice efficiently.

-I use mirrors to help with having a relaxed playing position.

-For my older students, I use an app called Tonal Energy to help with staying in tune.

-With each student's solo repertoire, I encourage them to listen to a recording with their music handy.

Each Lesson entails several aspects of performance (how to have good stage presence and how to manage performance anxiety included), theory, history, and life. Each student's character is developed by participating in monthly studio classes where we do mock auditions, play for the students in the class and talk about the flutist of the month.

Students participate in two recitals a year (a Fall and a Spring Recital), they participate in a week-long summer camp and we go on studio field trips where we hear concerts of musicians in the area.

  • In the Spring Recital, we also have a chamber music portion where students play in either a duo, trio, quartet, or quintet (We're better together)

  • The Fall Recital is Fall-themed so everyone is dressed in fall colors.

  • We have an annual Christmas Party

  • We go on field trips to see concerts of local musicians.

Students who take lessons with me are expected to come to lessons prepared, show up on time and always come in with a positive attitude. When students do these three things, I am better able to assist them with what he/she is struggling with and with a positive attitude, we can accomplish great things.​


Are you ready to start your flute journey? I'm looking forward to working with you! Sign up for lessons today!

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